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Seeing ability in difference and disability

How to create Diversity in the workplace and build profits

Attend our live inclusive employer events

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Some employers are inclusive and want to offer jobs for disabled people. Attend one of our events. Follow us on twitter for updates on upcoming events: @abilocity.ca

Provide disability awareness training for staff

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Create diversity in the workplace. Build inclusion practices into your teams to successfully onboard people with disabilities. Encourage disclosure among current staff and discover what your employees need to be their most productive at work.

Benefit from targeted disability consulting

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Whether you're a business, an educational institution or a person with a disability our custom, tailored approach can address your needs.

What we do

We've helped financial institutions, federally-regulated businesses, post-secondary institutions, broadcasters, legal offices, manufacturers, and small- to medium-sized enterprises create more disability-friendly work environments and hiring practices, which in turn helps raise productivity and profit.  In short, we work with organizations to deliver a more inclusive and productive workplace.

How we do it

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