Woman giving disability training to employer to promote diversity in the workplace

Our unique trainings address the aspects of disability we are most often asked about. Our trainings include: Introduction to Disability, How to Disclose, Language Matters, Sourcing and Interviewing Diverse Talent, and The Customer Journey - Seeing Your Business Through the Disability Lens.  

Benchmarking Inclusion

Laptop showing profit graphics attained through diversity in the workplace

How inclusive is your company now? And what targets can it set to reap the benefits of inclusion? Extensive research shows that companies who are disability inclusive are more profitable. We help determine which area of your business can most benefit from inclusion and how to get there via our in-depth benchmarking tool. This service is a complete 360 on your business with targeted recommendations. 


Two women at table discussing the benefits of diversity in the workplace

For a customized approach, we offer tailored services such as creating inclusive recruitment strategies for your business or targeted support to help your managers be fully disability confident in their management and hiring practices. Or you may wish to engage our services for a review of your company's language and communications.